My writing has appeared in the BBC, Mint-Wall Street Journal (where I was employed as a features writer), India Today, Indian national daily The Hindu, Quartz, First Post, Asian Trends Monitoring, culture magazine Sruti (link to excerpt only) and the Tech in Asia blog. I've also contributed to a number of video game zines, among them Memory Insufficient, the Arcade Review, and It's Just a Game. In July 2014, I started my own zine focused on Asian gaming histories, called e:\>_.

Most of my work can be read on my Issuu page, like this example embedded below:

Longform Reportage

My published work falls into the following categories:

Travel, Food and History

Many of my early pieces here are centered around explorations in the city of New Delhi, with a notable exception being a light-hearted analysis of the leech in trekking culture on Nepal’s Annapurna trail. On the subject of unpleasant creatures, I’ve also examined the wildly successful, strangely eclectic business of making mosquito repellents. I traced the history of Delhi’s iconic “banta” lemonade drink, and tracked the curious changes in the use of eggs in Indian cuisine. More recently, I've written about underground music in Beijing, Seoul's 'Design Capital' status, and race in China.

Technology and Gaming culture

I wrote a fortnightly column for Mint on the playful uses of personal technology, explored the educational potential of video game LittleBigPlanet by playing it with a five-year old girl, quizzed the eBay CEO on their relevance in the future of the Internet, found the first four people in the country to start regional-language websites (back in the Internet’s paleolithic era), and attempted to decode, in a four-part series, the impact of a decade of blogging on India’s online discourse.

Indie Music

I profiled Indian Ocean, arguably India’s biggest independent rock band – following them on a challenging tour that nearly shattered their equanimous two-decade existence. I also explored the curious web-centric business model that Indian bands rely on, chronicled the incredible rise of Indian electronica, interviewed the man attempting to revolutionize live music in India, and reviewed new albums from a number of South Asian bands.   

Economy and Politics

I examined the economic impact of the XIX Commonwealth Games in Delhi by trawling through academic studies that analyzed previous editions of the Games. I broke a story on the conservative Bharatiya Janata Party’s use of social media tools and open-source software in the run up to the 2009 assembly elections. I profiled Justice A.P.Shah, the judge who headed the bench that decriminalised homosexuality in India.

Video Games Criticism

I've also written videogame criticism for a number of online zines and blogs. I wrote about the role of cyber cafes in videogame marketing for Memory Insufficient, Singapore's first political videogame for The Arcade Review (forthcoming), and a critique of class politics in the game Dishonored for It's Just a Game, Vol 3.

In May 2014, I curated and guest edited a volume of the Memory Insufficient zine. The issue's theme was "Asia and gaming histories". As a spin-off from that issue, in July 2014, I started my own online gaming zine called e:\>_, focused exclusively on Asian gaming histories. You can find out more about the zine here.

Writing Contracts and Freelance Work

Please do feel free to contact me if you have any writing work or collaboration ideas. I'd love to work with you, and thanks for reading through this site!