Contributions to e:\>_ are welcome from all writers. We’re currently accepting contributions for Issue 3: Cities and Games in Asia. 

You don’t need to have been published before, and no formal expertise on videogames is necessary.

e:\>_ is a zine about gaming histories across Asia. We’re interested in the culture of playing videogames, and stories about relationships and communities that spring up around them.

We’re not interested in reviews of videogames or discussions about their mechanics, unless they specifically relate to questions of Asian gaming histories. For example, an article comparing the combat systems of the three Mass Effect games would not be suitable for this zine, but an analysis of how Asian cultures are represented in those games would be.

Submissions could be about a game set in an Asian country, a critical analysis of an Asian culture in a game about history, personal stories of playing videogames in an Asian context, and any other combination imaginable. All kinds of ‘histories’ are welcome – from personal stories and editorials to academic musings and speculative ideas. Any kind of ‘game’ is a suitable topic of discussion.

Wherever possible, we ask that submissions speak from personal experience and focus on the specific. We ask that you not write about ‘Asia’ as a monolithic entity. Insightful writing on videogames in Asia is scarce, and often hamstrung by cliché, stereotype and harmful exoticisation.

We particularly welcome submissions from people who don’t necessarily identify as ‘gamers’, or have an interest in specific niches or gaming subcultures. You don’t have to send us a complete article – do feel free to pitch ideas and proposals, and we’d be delighted to work with you.

Send your pitches, submissions and ideas to us here.