e:\>_ is a free e-zine about gaming histories across Asia. It is interested in the culture of playing videogames across the continent, and stories about relationships and communities that spring up around them.

e:\>_ started as a spinoff of the Asian Histories issue of the excellent Memory Insufficient zine, which is edited by Zoya Street. Insightful writing on videogames in Asia is scarce, and often hamstrung by cliché, stereotype and harmful exoticisation.

e:\>_ hopes to create a richer, more nuanced understanding of the social histories of gaming in Asia. The first three issues are centered on the themes of Piracy (Issue 1: download here), Family and Community (Issue 2: download here), and Cities (Issue 3: February 2015)

If you’d like to contribute to e:\>_ (pronounced the way you did when you played MS-DOS games) or give us ideas – send us an email here or use our Contact Form. Our submission guidelines can be found here, and we’re currently promoting our release of Issue 1 and Issue 2!