I draw comics

I draw non-fiction slice-of-life comics set in Beijing and Singapore. Follow my latest stories here.

I report stories

I write longform features on the creative life of Asian cities. I write and curate videogame criticism. Read my work here.

I promote shows

I work for a China-based music promoter with some of the best underground bands in Asia. Come to our annual music festival!

I'm interested in contemporary culture, independent music and pan-Asian politics. Maybe we can work together on something?

My Portfolio

Open All the Buddha Boxes

My first book-length comic is a panoramic, parallax history of Beijing's music underground from 1999-2019 - the bands that defied, then defined, the city. Forthcoming 2021!

Estilo Hindu

Estilo Hindu is a 52-page, hand-drawn graphic novel about Mexico City today. It was awarded the inaugural Dash Grant by the Short Run Comix Festival in Seattle, WA.

Interesting Times

Interesting Times is a podcast about songwriting in Asia, interviewing bands and musicians from across the continent about their voice and work. From Karachi rooftops to Tokyo livehouses.

The Last Grand Fallible Plan

The Last Grand Fallible Plan is a comic book about independent music in Singapore of the 1960s. It was released online as a pay-what-you-want comic, and is available in Singapore bookstores.

Face Control

Face Control is a 30-page hand-drawn comic about Moscow. It features anti-cafes, Viktor Tsoi, mysterious bikers, avant-garde poetry, the Moscow Metro and a cameo by Edward Snowden.

In Pursuit of Ambedkar

I was a Production Assistant on an hour-long documentary about Bhagwan Das, an associate and archivist of the life of B.R. Ambedkar, India's first Law Minister and anti-caste activist.